About Us

A Little BC was started by two Dads who wanted to see the world of the bible brought to kids in current and meaningful ways. With more and more kids at younger ages getting into all things technological, we thought it would be cool to have good quality, family friendly fun for them to enjoy and learn from.

Paul Abrahams - Creative Director

An avid gamer, artist, programmer, father and follower of Jesus. Paul loves games. Loves playing them, analysing them, creating them and sharing them. Computer gaming lead him into a computer science degree and a career in I.T.. But when he found that his meeting notes contained more sketches, cartoons and doodles than actual meeting notes, he figured there might be something more to pursue than just databases and perfectly formed code.

Greg Montgomery - Technical Director

Web startup veteran, church planter and leader. Greg has two school-aged children who love to play games. He develops the games and stories for A Little BC with his kids in mind, and they are more than happy to help him get them just right.